i have a few dreams that i kept secret for years.

now its not a secret anymore.
i want to become a great photographer.
i want to open my own coffee house,
with beautiful decorations from woods, exquisite panel floors, walls made of red bricks and the most important thing is good foods.
A place where friends could hang out for hours. where i could hang all the photos i took for years.
pictures of the places i went, friends and enemies.

i want to go places, and take photos off people from other places, people from the other half of the globe. i dream of doing what i love the most and get paid doing it.


Knisa Zain said...
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tangantulistahi said...

Allah tak pernah cakap tidak. keep praying , work on it big brotherrrr (:

Dammit said...

Aku rasa kau dah separuh jalan ke arah semua ni. Teruskan! :)

cyrusdavirus said...

good luck bro..

razak said...

menarik kareem.

Anonymous said...

Cita cita kita sama! :D

Anonymous said...

Apa lagi,resign la!

khairilmustafa said...

resign resign!

sila jd fulltime photographer

aku still admire gmbr2 kau weh smp skg