silence is all i can give

i am a boring guy who dont have a favourite football team,
who dont watch tennis, nor formula 1 .

i would rather watch discovery channel about fart than espn.
i am a guy who would play analog solitaire on my past time..

i love blurry pictures very much.


yanasaja said...

i play solitaire too....

i juz feel O.K with it...

And its not wrong.......

fifi aswana said...
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msYuz said...

alo incik kareem.
da lama tinggal solitaire,la nie main Pairs yg ada watak2 citer pokemon tuh.

ralit seh.

detsiwt playgrd keeper : said...

i wrote a long list of things that i prefer that somehow made me uncool, unglam and dead boring to most ppl... but i'd rather be that than the opposite. i'd rather be uncool, unglam and dead boring than be un-me.

fynn jamal said...

wiken tuari aa.
31 mei nanti, ko kena turun annexe tau.
tau tau

123956 said...


sokongla M.U weh..

tu area yg atas bukit tuh

rumput kt area tuh mmg dh panjang

aku pon terkejut hr tuh