bukan sesat, cuma pilih jalan sendiri

do not worry , what others would say.
Even if you give them free food,
They'll still complain ,
Nothing is ever enough.
So stop trying to make others happy by trying to gave them what they want,
And sacrificing what you really want.

Fuck it.
Do what you really want to do.
Be with someone you really want.
Eat where you really want to eat,
Go to places that you really want to go.
DO NOT do it because everyone else did.

cheers to life


Aishah Abd Mutalib said...

better yet, be with someone who would wanna be with you. because wanting to be with someone who doesn't want to be with you won't be a pleasant feeling.

Aishah Abd Mutalib said...

and do not do things because people told you so! haha

ainie syeema said...

suka :)