seminggu ni , misi nak turunkan kolestrol bermula. takde dinner dah. malam makan celery dgn anggur, pagi epal hijau, yogurt, prunes , and susu.
tapi siang tadi mcm tumpas kejap sbb ada daging salai masak lemak masa lunch. Screw diet and cholesterol . Haha

But this morning i run 5km sebelum masuk office, then petang basketball , malam swimming , sebelum balik tidur main bola padang . Now i am deadly exhausted.

So far, for march ive ran 81km . 40 km to reach 120km for this month.

who need supplements ?
Dum cak dum cak dum cak


bukankosong said...

lepas nih berketak la?


Anonymous said...

Good job man! Way to go...
I'm cheering or you!
i guess ur daging salai is too hard to resist eh, haha. Cheat meal once in a while, is acceptable. Tapi tak boleh la gak kalau selalu kan..
Anyways, fighting!!!
Nanti update la for the nek check up eh..


yuyu said...


Anonymous said...

i think you are eligible to participate Penang bridge run..:)

Anonymous said...

aah la..jom la join skali..amik half marathon :)

Anonymous said...

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