Thank you

I am driving back to kerteh
Yes. Im on the road driving right now.
And it is 1 am in the morning.
And u are sleeping after our cendol and sikmak session.
Thank you very much for the lovely weekend.
No rushing at the traffic light ,no tension felt when driving for long hours, no speed limit were exceeded except when i really need to go to the toilet. There were no rushing to nowhere when you are around. Cause , i am exactly where i want to be.

Beside you.


Evagurl Izma said...

like this!

::thumbs up::

Evagurl Izma said...
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lidah said...

Tq izma :)

Anonymous said...

Cause , i am exactly where i want to be.

Beside you.

sweet nye awak en.kareem :)

Anonymous said...

you're so talented at being expressive kareem. swoon! (i believe loads of men out there hv always wanted to express this exact feelings to their loved ones but fail terribly to put it out in words) -hamizah.

CikFifie said...

Kareem, cepat la kawenn. Asyik ambik gambar org kawen je. Hehehe.

Anonymous said...

so sweet lah bang kareem

Anonymous said...

So suweettt la my junior..