these past 2 months,
been running 5 km per day alternately.
sometimes 10 km depends on my mood.

nak kepuasan lebih, set a bigger goal.

but somehow, aku risau jugak if running long distance frequently could cause
problem to the knee.
Heard loads of side effects regarding knee due to running.

so been reading few articles about running tapi tak jumpa lagi yang ada bad effect
kepada lutut.

so here i want to share the benefits :

1. by running you will use 50 percent of lungs yg kita tak guna kebiasaannya.

2. Running creates a higher concentration of lymphocytes (white blood cells that attack disease) dan menguatkan immune system.

3. Berlari boleh merembeskan endorphins that can cause euphoria or just a general sense of happiness.

4. The will and strength that gets your body through long runs or those runs you’d much rather skip is what in turn strengthens your mind and gives you focus

5. Our bones are made to accommodate the demands placed upon them. By sitting in front of the monitor all day many of us allow our bones to grow weaker, but by running regularly our skeleton gets the demand it needs to stay healthy.

Just remember,
your physical strength is nothing ,
its the will that keeps you running when your body says no.

love you


gadis said...

untuk elakkan kecederaan, kena make sure warm up sblum lari.. itu paling penting rasanya..

lidah said...

tq :)

Dammit said...

indeed! teringat forest gump. Oh, mungkin bleh selang selikan dengan swimming?