stop blaming the distance,

the distance has always been 400km on weekdays,

20 km on weekends.

and a phone call every morning.

stop blaming the fucking distance.

I'm the one driving back and forth every week,

and it has never been a problem,

The distance was never a problem,

it's you.


aenmatderis said...

gaduh lagi?
tak penat ke?

Anonymous said...

salam, when u r inlove u bound to make silly mistakes. love does not sail on smooth water. It is the mistake and the separation that teach lovers to repent. This is where one must lead the way and the other to follow. If whoever she is still meant something, make a fresh start with the first step, by saying HELLO. U wouldn't know, may be she too waits for yr first move. i have been there n alhamdulillah, we found out that we r meant for each other. We r happily marriied now with a baby girl.

lidah said...

aen: takla. read something pasal blaming the distance. we have gone our separate ways lama dah. i just dont think its fair utk salah kan distance when diri sendiri is to be blame. :)

anonymous: nah i had enough. taking a long break from a relatonship kali ni. better :)

Anonymous said...

awak sangat berterus terang.how dare you flirting me this way! :P

gadis said...

jarak mmg xpernah jd masalah.. itu hny penyebab je..
mcm org naik basikal, jatuh basikal.. mati.. basikal dipersalahkan/jd sebab.. padahal dh mmg ajal dia..

stop blaming each other.. or blaming distance etc..
if u still talking bout your past, means u still care..
memaafkan satu sama lain.. dan sama2 memperbaiki diri sendiri..
u never know what will happen in the future..
jodoh itu Dia yg tentukan.. :)