May you have the best wedding
The best husband,
The best family, life and after.

Your past


d e l l said...

after reading this, i'm reminded of an old song by Zee Avi when she was Kokokaina on Youtube. "Someone You Used To Know".
chin up, dear.

Anonymous said...

may you lead a wonderful life ahead.
with the girl u'll love dearly with all your heart; coz all a girl will ever wish for is for the guy whom she loves to loves her back just AS MUCH.

to love her. and only her.

be good.take care.

dyana said...

as i might feel the same, my bf just get engaged last week without my knowing and i just found out bout it by my self. its too painful, ditipu, dipersenda,terlalu makan dalam :(

semoga saja terus bahagia dalam menjahati sesama manusia.

aku, kamu, kita lain. yang sama, kita punya rasa sakit bila disakiti.