i have a heart, and i keep a few people in it.
including you.
its not big, but its enough.

sometime when i felt like talking,
and tell you everything,

i just hope you wont be angry,
i don't want to fight,

please don't say you're tired of this,
tired off waiting, tired of the distance,
i've rushed my way back to get you,
and when you cold, i strive through the sea to keep you warm,

but when we're far for a few days,
you keep saying
you're tired of waiting.
every single day.

you are breaking me apart.


Ashlee Azurin said...

i love heavenly...

sH@ said...

i also adore this :)
encik lidah jiwang jugak.

lidah said...

haha hahaha

Anonymous said...


hani@debumelukut said...

this is nice..straight from the heart?

lidah said...

every time :)