am i sissy ?
or maybe too dependent.
or just too weak.

it is not what i like most about me.
this stupid and tiring feeling.
yes indeed.
and it's eating me inside if i keep it.
it is not what i choose to feel.
it is not something i could control
and so i told you about it.
so that you could calm me down.
and kiss my head and tell me everything is going to be okay.
and tell me that i don't have to worry.

i'm not asking for 25 presents on my 25th birthday,
nor a coffee every morning , every time i open my eyes.

i just want you to be there.
just to think of me when you decided to use your words,
and think of how i feel when you decided to do something.

not like i put a limit
nor prepared you a list.
i just want you to know,
that i feel exactly like you do,
a human being same as you too,
and cry the same tears as u did,

i'm sorry, i miss you,love you too much.
and afraid .


Asyraf Azmy said...

aww cool

qierana said...

same here lidah..sometime feel being ignore..

Anonymous said...

so many fish..
there in the sea..

worry not lah!

lidah said...

I nak satu fish je

Anonymous said...

Can I kick this Anonymous ass?

yours truly,

Ali Azhar said...

You're so sweet.