mass balance

mass balance theory . anything that comes in to a system is equal to anything that goes out of it.

so, after taufiq meninggal, few weeks later, good friend of us, razak latiff and maliyah,
dapat anak pertama, perempuan named auji, bermaksud ketinggianku.

and life continues. and after this, whether we like it or not,
it is still going to come,
one by one, each and everyone of us,
tak boleh nak elak. we are not going to be here forever.
while we still got the time, make friends, have fun with them,
and loved them more than yourself . :)

lets just pray for the best.
Alfatihah untuk arwah Taufiq.


aNiSa hANg tUaH said...

al fatihah

Knisa Zain said...

al fatihah. sorry for your loss.

kampong boy said...


Bulan Dipagari Bintang said...

the same theory applied to u. patah tumbuh hilang berganti. karem tgh syok dilamun cinta. hakhak!!

Anonymous said...

karem dengan sape? sape?

s h e d a said...

Thanks kareem n the rest of The League. I really admire all your strengths. I make a lot of nice friends because of him. Life is short, so don't take things for granted, or people. Stick to each other, keep in touch k. He will always be in our hearts. Al-fatihah