diet : stomach ulcer

so tonight i've been reading a few articles on diet and stomach ulcer.
stomach ulcer is not serious .NOTT.. it's like the second stage after gastric and when it is old enough he become uncle Setamak Kanser. (Stomach cancer)

stomach ulcer is a small erosion in the gastrointestinal tract .One of the symptom is burning in the stomach for 3 minutes and sometime could last till 3 hours.

stomach ulcer will effect the nerves that surrounding the effected area. it will cause you a great amount of pain.

If you're planning on a diet. don't stop eating. Diet is about managing the calories you consume. The right way to diet is to take more unprocessed foods and cereals.
eat 3 times a day. consume more fruits and vegetables. and not replacing rice with junk food, and carbonated drinks.

by eating healthier foods with high nutrients and low calories compare to junk food with high calories and low nutrients, you will be able to eat more, and still lose weight at the same time.

akhir kata,

try to exercise twice a week or at least, walk around the living room, sit ups, shuffle or techtonic, zapin or cak lempong, skipping , push ups, or make out with your partner. Just do anything that sweat your ass or anywhere you're planning to sweat ;)


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Baik bosss

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just what i need. tq (:

ultrasonic liposuction guide said...

Thanks for information. My sister was suffering from it. Now she is ok.