sarcastic to the bone

i am famous
i have big car
my revenue is 20 billions
but i am humble
i never talk big
believe me
i am very famous
and i started really bad
but now i am very rich
and other people are so lame
have problems with attitude
and i am so humble
very humble.
i am so humble, when you look for 'humble' in the dictionary,
it shows my name.

sarcastic to the bone


NURUL said...

nice blog, serius, kamu blogger yg sangat selmabar. sy suka itu.

lidah said...

trime kaseh nurul

fad said...

i think i know rumble

Daniel said...

and u have a big mole that make your face looks super hideous

lidah said...

haha knape u kutuk tahi lalat fad daniel. u xde link ke baby?

fad said...