today is not fun at all

when you have a father, who works everyday.
but still have problem with money.
and when he come home, he went straight to his lappy,
and chatted until 430 am. everyday..
and at the same time you have a lonely mother at home.

macam mana?

kadang-kadang, people need to realize,
we don't need money that much,
we need a father in this family.


since i can remember,
we never went anywhere together.
vacation memang tiada dalam kamus.
dinner pun once in a blue moon.


pakcik operator sini lagi banyak borak dengan aku.



Izzah said...

doa semoga die kembali pada family kamu.
biar Allah bukak hati die.
Masih sempat lagi.

Positive ok :)

detsiwt playgrd keeper : said...

hey hey... i agree! if i were u, i'd log on when he's online, and try chatting up with him, only make sure he doesnt know its you.... :)

Silence said...

time heals all wounds.
He'll change.


Jarri said...

sampai masa dia akan sedar.

Anonymous said...

been there. and still there. the diff is dunia maya tak terlibat sama sekali. hanya seekor betina yg gatal punca segalanya.