im at the bottom-est of my life.


Silence said...

life is just like a roller coaster


*but i hate roller coaster*


qaby said...

cuba lah naek balek..


ps: 1st time komen

lidah said...

thanx gaby.
i hate roller coaster too

qaby said...

sebenarnye, its qaby..not gaby..

but, sokei, neva mind..

haha :P

syuk said...


Jarri said...

steady je

nia salina said...

poor thing..huhu..babe!do u hv fb?

detsiwt playgrd keeper : said...

at one end, i'm at the peak, at the other, i'm at the deepest bottom... is that equilibrium? is it is, why do i feel sick to my stomach whenever i'm reminded of my lowest end and why am i not entirely happy with the other?

hari tu i was trying to tell my friend about it, and he said "that's life" in the most serious manner that we broke into a laughing fit. silly.

hari ni ai demam.