sex and the siti

harini , a lot of things had happen.
and i am very much in love.

she is still willing to give her best. for a guy that gave her
all the bad things you could ever imagine.

well it's not that bad actually. saja buat ayat hyperbola .
but still , bad enough.

thanks for the hugs, birthday wishes, birthday surprises.

haih. and to bapak. it was great to spend time with you,
having a man to man talk. rasa gila cool, and later when i come home,
perhaps we can do it again once in a while.

na na na na na. ganu kitte..

love you. everyone of you.



Sue Anna Joe said...

selamat hari menjadi. semoga panjang umur dan murah rejeki.

jangan noti noti, kurangkan masturbasi.

penanya said...

siapa gadis baju tudung putih? dia punca aku termasturbasi skrg.