sex and marriage

is sex really about love? do you have sex with your girlfriends because you love her? owh fuck it.
People use love as the reason to have sex. some would even say, sex is passion towards love. oh my. how pathetic a person is, to believe in such a crap like that.people should realize that marriage is passion towards love. not sex. teenagers nowadays have sex as early as 15 years old. and that is as far as i am concern. mate is not shoes or pants where you got to try it before you buy it. some people even celebrate anniversary , by fucking. owh man. what happen if u broke up with your mates, and you meet other person and fuck other person, and the same goes for your mates. and the cycle keep on continuing . what will happen in the future? i have fuck your wife. and you had have sex with my sister. my husband have sex with your auntie and your uncle had have sex with my wife. uwh that is gross but kind off kinky actually .hehe uwww niceee.... oh but that is not the main idea. people should use their brain sometime. if you are so horny just masturbate. it won't make your life complicated. find some one you love. get married and then have sex.


Bob Dyldo said...

Masturbate will tire your arm... I rather fuck or get a hand/blowjob from someone.

You should try it sometimes. ;)

lidah said...

blowjob sambil drive adalah heaven

pemusnah makna said...

"find some one you love. get married and then have sex"

ayat itu dah membukti kan bahawa perkahwinan adalah untuk menghalal kan sex itu sendiri...

apa akan terjadi jika mereka bercerai... kesimpulannya tetap sama saja..

kita akan tetap horny dan terus horny.. melainkan kita sudah tak mampu mengangkat zakar kita sendiri

aku tak percaya kepada perkahwinan.. pada aku perkahwinan , cinta , dan sex adalah 3 benda berbeza tujuan nya..

hehhe maaf teruja baca article nie.. tue luah tue.. :d

Anonymous said...

hey teruja dgn tajuk ni dan i love to read all your entries now. i salah sorang girl yg sebelum kahwin dah kena dan sekarang i jauhkan diri dari lelaki. dosa bersetubuh sepanjang hayat menjadi titik hitam dalam hidup-ni bagi girl la tak tau lelaki tak rasa apa kot.

lidah said...

dont hurt your self macam tu cik adik. try to start a new life.
ok? :)