Semalam sampai icheon,
Harini to jeju.
Aku travel jauh jauh nak tgk autumn je.
See u back in wednesday kuala lumpur. Suhu 3 degree kalau malam. Telur boleh kecut.


aenmatderis said...
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Ahmad Arba'in Ali said...

bro upload gamab telo kecut satu! wakaka

Evagurl said...

balik ni bleh la break dance

Anonymous said...

dude, you gotta come to russia, spesifically volgograd. its gonna kick you hard and left something in you, just something.

imagine it, the people who doesnt speak english, the lake with no endless view, and the trees....are just amazing. its gonna take a few seconds for you to call malaysia airlines and woha, you are warmly welcome to a paradise the sky ever leak.