Sounds like a plan

We can do this.
For a better future ,
I will control my spending.
Everytime i feel like buying something
Like cds or canvases
Instead of 3 cds a month , i'll buy only 2 and save the money that is equivalent to the cd in asb.
Secondly, i will increase my saving from 300 to 500 a month.
Third, the profit i'll gained from selling my house will go directly to my saving and settle my credit card bills.
Forth, I will only buy myself a pair of shoes every two or three months.
Lastly, payment i get from weddings will be divided to 2 portions, half saving while the other half for nafsu serakah.

Misi hidup senang

Burung burung abang

Harini i bosan dalam class i practice lukis burung i.


Im going to marry you,
Seduce you,
Flirt with you,
And make a lot of cute babies everyday. I mean , try to make babies , everyday.

Breakfast, lunch, dinner , supper and sahur .


run fat boy run

everybody has their own reason, goal they want to achieve.
some just want to fill in the blanks in their daily schedule, or losing some spare tires .
me, i just want to live longer.
not to add any extra numbers to my age, but to optimize whats given. 
enjoy every minute of it, eat what i want, do what i want , and can still rock it  hard like Ron Jeremy at 70.
Exclude the fats and his ugly mustache .

i just want to grow old but still able to do what i do now. still enjoying the foods, the outdoor activities,
running a marathon, taking my clothes of in public , and travel the world without having to worry of any dialysis appointment .

nowadays, people die young.
not like really die, but die in a way they are bonded,
with prescription , and an endless of 'no' list.
no sugar, no rice, no meat, nothing.

so 3 months ago, ive decided to start running,
2km, 5km now 10 km a day and 3 times a week.
i gain a lot from running, stamina, confident, i lose a few pounds, and manage to get in a size s shirt without hurting anyone.
my pace became faster, i was 75 minutes for 10 km, now it took me only 55minutes .

i will continue running,
and by next year,
it'll be 40minutes.

being happy, is not by being fat,
stop using that excuse.
keep up with that and we'll see how happy you are when you got diabetes.

eat what you want,
but burn it and left non for fat.
stay healthy,
and live longer


Nak kawin

Nak nak nak