beberapa bulan lepas,
i went to amcorp mall and bought this nice bonzai for 40 ringgit,
watered it once a week for few months.
and didn't do anything more or less than that.

2 months ago,
i moved to a new house,
i accidentally left the bonzai in my trunk,
for 3 weeks, or a month , or more, ok im not sure.

when i realized,
all the leafs have turn brown and and dry.
it is dying .
this is bad.
it is so gonna die, pain and suffocate. ok drama pulak. haha

So i put it at an open space, with no roof on top,
and walls around it,
and let it get all the sun and rain,

the brown dried leafs gone,
blown by the wind,
and new fresh and green leafs are coming out,
making a comeback .

i'll post gamba bonzai tu later :)


AkuOsi said...

=) new life of bonzai

Larasephia said...

and so its just like us, human.

and human sometimes tend to be a bonzai too. (which can be pathetic)