sky is not the limit
if you keep comparing what you have,
with others.
you wont be happy ,
not even when you have all the money in the world.

try comparing what you have with what others don't .

compare your fierce dad with an orphan,
compare your small room with the homeless,
compare your lame breakfast with the starving kids in africa.

try looking down and learn to feel content,
but work hard to reach the stars.


aenmatderis said...

aku suka.
semuanya yang kau tulis.

thumbs up!

of course woman said...

Kau ni macam hantu...

...yang aku suka.Hanya satu-satunya.
Casper. Sama dengan kau.

nadiahs said...

makin terpaut dengan tulisan encik! :)

Anonymous said...

Good one! :)