My say

Good is subjective .
Depends on which side are you in a battle, or what you are looking for in a movie , or the person you want to marry.

Someone's death can be a sad story to his family , but a victory to his foe.

There are billions of angles, and ways of how we see things. And that is why we are so special , and what drive us to become better.

I now realize , that there are nobody that is totally good or bad. And there are no fucking way for you to convince everyone to like you.

Sama juga untuk lagu, filem , summer collection , even boot dr martin. Like seriously kau bayar hundreds of ringgit untuk kasut yang haram tak praktikal, keras, sakit dan berat. But yes, you maybe have your point that made you decide to do what you do.

And because of these differences
We have to learn and respect everyone's opinion

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gadis said...

yup masing2 ada cerita masing2 n sebab masing2 dan definisi masing2 tentang sesuatu.. 100% setuju!