hello sunday,
took a day off minggu ni,

this weekend was productive same like every other weekends.
Futsal on friday till 3 am ,
hantar 2 albums for printing, and head straight to PJ life art, for projek disko baldi,
what can i say, the RM45 was so damn worth it. I laugh through the 90 minutes show.
sumpah and looking forward for their next play. siapa nak tgk lagi sempat lagi petang ni 3pm and malam 830pm last .

Later after the show minum with the casts, and they were bunch of awesome individuals.
Have to head back to send off my sister. She's going back to Perlis, cuti dah habis.

Then went to the eightyfourcube studio . Last night session starts with tengku adil, followed by awanband , modread and ended by pop kon.

macam biasa, feels like home sebab banyak familiar faces and sandwich telur sumpah awesome.

productive kan?

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