stupid social networking assholes

social networking.
some people are possessed by it

they twitted what they talked ,
and they talked what they twitted.
they talked with the person they twitted,
and they twitted with the same person they talked.
they even twit among themselves when there hanging out together at mamak.

they brag about numbers of their followers,
they curse to them who unfollowed them,

aku tak boleh nak imagine sekumpulan manusia ,
yang dalam kepala dia,
social networking is everything.
we have real life,
and have to work for money. instead of membebel takde duit,
and sibuk "aku kenal orang yang kaya sebab banyak follower"
fuck, that is bullshit.
orang kaya sebab usaha, musicians make music, painters paint, businessmen sell stuffs,
photographers take photos. itu usaha. bukan kaya sebab kumpul followers.

flow kekayaan macam ni :

musician make good music > people listen > people follow > people buy album and go to gigs > musician famous and got many offers> they got paid > musician kaya


musician make twitter account > ask people to follow them on twitter > rich

my god,
these kids need what our ancestors call life.
bila dah taksub, macam ni lah , lancau.


Dayana said...

Totally agree with you. I'm taking a break from it all right now. No twitter and facebook for a week.

There's just too much crap going on. Maybe you could give it a try.

Anonymous said...

homaigudness. I solute you lah to make an entry mcm ni. Like i wanna RT this . Wake up assholes! Read this! You should!

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