what have i put myself into

musician love music, and they get to play and make music for living,
scientist love science , and they get to study all their life , making researches and studies everyday and got paid for it.
sportsmen get to play their favorite game and making money from it.
not to sound ungrateful , yes i got good pay,
but why am i not happy with what i am doing. It has been 3 years.
I should have learn to adapt .
Who loves engineering ?
I do love calculating, designing things,
but process, operation, it is just not my shit. watching the same trend,
with stupid KPI's and the stupid bosses that loves people kissing their ass.
there was once , a fat guy told me.
"you got to play with the office politics".
"pandai main angin bos (which is him)"
"it is a jungle out there (yeah , and you are the monkey)"
habis tu, kenapa housemate aku yang super excel , rajin mcm semut,
kerja keras macam buruh indonesia, tapi dia still dapat bottom in class ketika rating end of year?
alasan korang, "awak kurang main sukan"

f to the u to the c to the k.
rubbish lah semua ni.

things like these , and people like you who made people like me,
hate our job. not because of the workload, but all this nonsense and shitload that we have to deal with.

baik ambik gamba budak-budak comel. tenang hati sikit.

nak kumpul duit, buka dobi, nak berhenti kerja. TTYL.


Anonymous said...

kengkadang kn, aku rasa smtg is missing somewhere dgn sistem persekolahan kt malaysia ni, seems like budak2 semua dr kecik kene train utk makan gaji..belajar, get good grades, masuk universiti, pastu join rat race..yg excel xde lain, end up akan jadi doktor, engineer, lawyer..tp kurang sgt org nak galakkan anak dia jd entrepreneur.. atau join bidang2 lain yg susah nak jumpa kt msia ni..

didi_adinna said...

I felt the same feeling years back n yet, its still chasing me. Things that I used to like became things that I used to hate. Really hope that this is just a "small" test from HIM and it will go away soon. Very soon...

Nur Yana said...

design heat exchager, reactor, mmg best.. add up lgk ngn mass energy balance mmg bnyk la calculation..

kalau bosan ngn process engineering, try ko applied simulation or jadik lecturer kt tmpt aku nieh.. baru smgt nak bljr.. kah3x.. n calculation pown bnyk!!

nadiahs said...

sangat sokong with your last sentence tu. berhenti kerja, bukak laa dobi ke whatsoever, as long as you're happy. kerja bawah orang memang tak best. especially in your field. i've seen my brother did that. now, he stopped working with other people. kerja sendiri. easier. :)
anda bahagia.
InsyaAllah. :)

lidah said...

anoni: tu lah. ive wrote something similar like what u said. kita study perah keringat untuk jadi pekerja yang pandai. and dari kecil we only limit ourself setakat itu je.

didi: tq :)

yana: haha will do. tunggu i jadi lecturer . hahaha.

nadiah: exactly.

redvelveto said...

adik..when u feel soooo sad...cube tgk langit seketika and..empty ur mind...find a place for vacation. then, come back to that sh't is nothing! (my own thingy...)hopefully,works..maybe ko pun terus quit n dobi menjadi kenytaan.

lidah said...

thank you :)

missSCHNEEBLY said...

haritu aku prnh tnye kwn aku......"nape ko xjd designer same cm yg len2?....xrse rugi ke blaja design and after that ko kje wat sale yg lgsg xde kene mengena dgn design?"

then die jwp simple jer....."idup neh singkat jer,so baik aku buat bende yg aku suke,baru puas ati"

then,aku trus speechless.......dan skang aku tgh otw buat bende yg aku suke plak.


mao said...

salam bey,

aku memey stuju sgt nga phrase mu ni..(since kito ni ore kijo)

"hate our job. not because of the workload, but all this nonsense and shitload that we have to deal with."

po taik sero..