bad bad year

want to know something bad?
yeah, i don't mind sharing about this.
i blew up my furnace. not intentionally of course.
if you dont have any idea what's a furnace , google about it.
and it is the same size of your 8 stories apartment.

so it has been a rough month,
but , looking at the whole picture, it has been the whole year.

since the explosion ,
i've been interrogated by the department of safety and health,
internal investigators from all OPU's and next week by bomba from putrajaya.

one operator almost killed from the explosion.

how bad is that ?


as said...

its damn a big issue i knew.. n here ko boleh still blogging. cayalah!! hang on there utk beberapa bulan. things gonna be calm at last.

mungkin nieh konsep karma kot. ko penah salah tekan/tertekan/patahkan button mnder nth dulu pastuh ko diam2kan.. kah3x!!

tuhan suka org yg sabar..
sabar ok utk tempoh nieh.

azura kimura said...

Damages has been done. Tapi kan...ujian yg hebat utk org2 yg hebat ajer tau... Dan org2 yg hebat akan hadapi apa pun dgn semangat yg lebeh dr org2 biasa...

Trust me, ko lebeh dr org2 biasa.

Anonymous said...

gilos dahsyat

@Fr!^n@ said...

semoga kau cepat sembuh si lidah...

the GIRL said...

pretty bad

kitt said...

huish... tp bila gugel, ade movie Furnace la wey, Ja rule lagik.

Anonymous said...

hmmm it has happened.. so the next best thing is to move forward ok. All the best and dont give up! :)

Missy said...

its okay, Tuhan tak akan bagi dugaan kepada hambanya yang tak mampu :) been awhile since i read your blog. Hope everything wil get better soon :) insyaAllah .