sponge me

this is a sponge, a yellow sponge.
a new sponge, i just bought it yesterday.
ok now, i am pouring a glass of water on it,
the sponge absorbs every single drop of it.

you can continue to pour water and it will absorb.
every single thing.
but at one point, if you keep pouring,
it won't absorb anymore. and that is when, desorbtion begin.
the sponge will release all the water it had been absorbs all this while.

so , once in a while,
stop pouring , help squeezing the sponge,
so that it can last longer and continue to absorb.


Anonymous said...

sponge = heart

it can absorb every thing. every single thing. tapi bila sampai satu masa, ia mungkin dah tak mampu untuk menyerap malah terus merembeskan keluar segalanya.

haha lari topik

Dayana said...

i like yellow sponges. my heart beats faster when i see one. they are so cute!

Anonymous said...

nice one! i dun think i get the real point, but i just think that all of your words really can inspired people. (:

lidah said...

thank you :) glad u like it

Anonymous said...

nice metaphor! or in other word, people have their limit ;)

yaya said...


sometimes people just don't realize what they got till its gone.

The Medical Duo said...


salam ziarah ke sini lidah :D