just got back from work.
sitting alone in the living room.
browsing pictures from 2006 until now.

friends, lovers, haters. all documented perfectly.
no matter how many people change, friends come and go.
but we will still miss every moment .
miss the togetherness.

we were children, then we were teenagers and now are adults.
friends are not food. they don't expired .
they last forever. its how we keep them.
and take care of them.

tak guna kawan 1000, tapi takde satu pun yang menangis bila kita sedih,
yang risau bila kita sakit dan gembira waktu kita berjaya.

susah nak jumpa.
yang dah ada, cherish every moment .
don't take them for granted.
love you


afrohead said...

friendship is beautiful :)

Anonymous said...

friends should be cherished & remember all the time. not only in time of sorrow or when you are alone. they have feelings too.
lets be friends.

Qi_Cinoi.Lavigne said...


Anonymous said...

friends...vanish slowly as you have certain commitment...anyway life is beautiful and painful

Anonymous said...

friends are not food. they don't expired . *love :)

famimahat said...

friends aren't food. they don't expire. love this the most~ =)


bila hidup dirasakan ramai dgn org yg berkawan atas apa yg kita ada, dari siapa kita, hearing this quote touches me to the very core~


Anonymous said...

it goes both ways id say.. but perhaps yes, ppl grow. ppl change. and whomever you regard as a friend now may not be regarded as a friend anymore. but life goes on. and we all keep a fraction of good memories with us all. :)