the merry gentleman

katie is a girl, abused by his boyfriend,
she ran away,
far away to a new place.
he saw a guy, on a rooftop,
thought he would jump and kill himself,
she shouted ,
he slipped and fell.

on christmas eve,
she bought a christmas tree,
tried to carry the christmas three back to her apartment,
the tree was huge,
she slipped and it fell on her,

the guy from the rooftop came,
help her with the three,
they became friends,

after christmas,
he help her again with the three,
they burn the three somewhere far rather than throw it away,

on valentines,
his boyfriend came back with a flower,
and told her, he'd change now,
a different person, better.
she was afraid, she hold a knife to scared him away,

he went back to his room at a motel near by,
and the next day was found dead in the bathroom.


Anonymous said...

bukan her boyf?

Slengerz said...

sape yg bunuh dia? atau dia bunuh diri?

renyrino said...

three ke tree?

lidah said...

reny: tq. aku confse sat

bulan bintang said...

sedih bongok citer kau.