today is yuna day.

goosebumps dan drools untuk 20 minit.


hello fat ass.

you are not skinny.
your thigh is thick and heavy
so stop wearing that tight or skinny jeans
u look so fucking scary.

i know it is trendy
but the maximum weight for skinny is 60kg
we wont turn on,
oh no, we wont,
we will extinct ,
if u wear those fucking skinny.


gadisjahat said...

but i love skinny boysssss :B

mollyjinxed said...

seb baik aku sedar aku gemok.. hahahaha

n no.. wont be caught dead in skinnys..

lidah said...

skinny boys takpe.
ni dah macam a bag of meat dah, pastu tak sedar diri. hahha

alia detsiwt said...

60kg? thank goddd... i still have 10 more kgs before i start worrying about losing a friend... tralalalalaaa... incek, aussie membuat i gemokkk!!!